Prep Class Summer Special – June, July & August – $115 ($147 value)

This class meets Tuesdays from 5:30-7PM and is ideal for your little cheerleader to learn some new skills or perfect their technique!



Coming This Fall:  All Star Prep Competitive Team


All Star Prep Cheer is the all star cheerleading experience for half the year, half the cost, and essentially half the commitment!
It is an ideal program for:

1. Rec cheerleaders who want to continue cheerleading after the football season has ended.
2. Athletes looking to try all star cheerleading for the first time.
3. Beginner athletes looking to learn more about cheerleading.

This program is completely instructional, and athletes will be taught everything they need to know from proper jump and stunt technique, to new tumbling skills and team building.

Our Half Year Program includes ages 6-14! The half-year prep program is a fun and exciting way for Rec and Pop Warner cheerleaders to experience All-Star Cheerleading. It is also a way for an All-Star “rookie” to be introduced to the sport without the expense and commitment of a full-year program. This program is structured to prepare athletes for a full-year team in the future, or just progress and improve on the skills they already have.

Our brand new half-year program is designed to be economical and runs about half the cost of the full-year program. Our half-year athletes will enjoy the same coaching staff as the full-year program and are treated with just as much importance! Minnesota Xtreme is making it possible to be on a competitive all star team with the same aspects of team work and training, but for only half the time commitment. Cheerleaders will be taught proper technique of the core basics of cheerleading including jumping, stunting, and tumbling. Our half-year teams will attend many of the same exciting competitions as our full-year teams. This program offers a great opportunity to athletes who have other activities/commitments during the year and can only dedicate 4-6 months to a cheerleading program.

For additional information please feel free to EMAIL us at or CALL us at 952-239-2561!