All Star cheerleading has evolved into one of the most exciting, fast-paced and strenuous sports scored by a panel of judges in the world. Our sport is broken down into competitive levels by age and ability level. The United States All-Star Federation (USASF) is currently the main governing presence in our industry, and Minnesota Xtreme All Star Cheer forms our teams based upon the age and ability levels specified by them.

Our Performance Teams are designed as an introductory and fun opportunity to experience All Star cheerleading. This is the perfect option to find out if your athlete will love this sport in a low cost, lower commitment setting. The majority of our performance athletes do find a new love and transition into our one of our competitive teams the following season.

We currently offer two different Performance Teams:

HELIUM – Ages 3-6

NEON – Ages 6-12


These teams begin in January or February, spend those month up until June learning fundamental skills and the routines which they will be performing. Neon performs at Rochesterfest, a Rochester Honkers game, along with some local festivals and parades. Helium and Neon will both perform at some local cheerleading competitions along with our competitive teams. This allows them to get an idea of what the competitive setting is like without the pressure of actually competing. The season for our Performance Teams ends in mid-November.

Our Performance Team members also receive reduced tuition on any tumbling classes they register for. Some time will be spent on tumbling during normal practice times however this will not be conducive to a large amount of skill development. Tumbling development is an important aspect of competitive cheerleading and it is necessary to work it during its own focused classes. Due to this fact, we want to encourage our Performance Team athletes to receive the tumbling training they need through one of our fantastic classes.


For further information or to join a team please call us at 507-218-5544 or email us at [email protected].